Email marketing is one of the forms of direct marketing. This means that the business owner doesn’t use a third-party platform to reach potential customers (such as TV, radio, other), but rather contacts them directly through email.

During particular periods of the year, such as launching a new product or service, offering an ecourse, or organizing a live event, you’ll need to create email marketing campaigns that lead to sales.

And there are two main types of messages you should send to your list via email:

  1. Emails that enhance the relationship with your current and previous customers and encourage repeat business. These emails should add value to the customer without asking them for anything in return.
  2. Emails that ask for a purchase from new or previous customers for a new product or offer at the moment you present it to them.

During other periods when you don’t have a particular offer to promote, you’ll want to keep things more casual and focused on nice mix of information, opinion, entertainment, inspiration, and motivation, depending on your communication way.

Usually you will send regular emails not less than once a week, or 2-3 times in a week or even every day. Keeping list not engaged you will face problem that is called “cold” list when you and your offers and services are forgotten, people will not open your emails anymore.

In order for email marketing to work you need, of course, an email list of people who’ve accepted to receive email from you. So the first thing to do if you don’t already have an email list yet to set up an account with an email marketing software platform so you can start creating the emails and subscription forms we’ve been mentioning. There are many such marketing software platforms (some with free trial and limited subscribers list), but the most popular would be:









Constant Contact

ARP Reach

Benchmark Email

Each of them have specific niches they are more interested or very much restricting. The most important criteria – deliverability rates varies. Prices would vary depending of your subscribers list (average on 10k subscribers list price would be at least 50-120$). Do NOT go for very cheap and not popular autoresponder (AR) as very often owners or managers of these AR could share or use even your list. People would become annoyed of emails that suddenly appear after their subscribe on your list.