No matter what it is that you want to achieve in life, in order to succeed we must realise that it all starts with our mindset. If you have a passion for making money online there’s definitely no room for negativity, no room for fear or doubt. Ninety seven percent of people who try to make money on line will fail due to many reasons which stems from having a negative attitude towards achieving. What sets apart the millionaire mind to the average mind is their will to succeed, they have an internal strength and trust in the decisions that they have made.

A millionaires mind will have no confusion, so your mind must have clarity, your emotions can be a big factor to why you may fail on line. Your mind and emotions should be on the same page in order for you to stay focused. If your mind has clarity your emotions will follow. When in doubt you can experience negative emotion which is very dangerous as at times the negative emotion may empower your desire to achieve. If you ever feel like this just know that once you have set a goal you must achieve it, remind yourself of why you want this change – Because you want to better your life.

That’s why you must stay focused, a Millionaire’s mindset will always remain focused. They are consistent in their work and they persist. If you are a beginner to making money on line it is important that you to keep on practising all new skills needed for you to build an on line business. Get used to ‘doing’ instead of thinking or talking about what you want to achieve, be consistent and persistent.

The Mind has many games it plays to ‘trap’ us. It feeds of pain and that’s why it is important that you have that internal strength to push on and succeed to stay positive. Some reasons why people fail on line is because they may give them selves a time limit to when they ‘should’ have made money and when they don’t mange to achieve it they give up, others get overwhelmed with all the new skills that they need to learn and have an overload of information to absorb they can’t take the pressure and give up. Millionaire’s Trust what they are achieving, they have patience, they are decisive and their internal strength keeps them focused.

Life is all about choices, its up to you whether you choose to give up or keep on ‘keeping on’ and by doing so you too can achieve your goals and not only think like a millionaire but most importantly be one. Here are a tips to help you on your way:

– You must be happy with ‘the now’ if you are not,you won’t be able to achieve your goals…So Know that you are happy now whilst you continue to achieve your goals
– Be ready to work hard and be persistent
– Commit yourself and make time everyday to practice your skills
– Don’t worry about what others around you have to say, what matters is that you see clarity in your goals 
– Surround your self with successful people
– Learn one thing at a time, when you have mastered it move on to the next thing ( learning to many new skills at once can cause information over load)
– De-clutter your home and office so that your mind is in tune with your surroundings
– Make a vision board to help you keep focused, add all things that you want in your life on the board

*Set daily affirmations, here are a few:

– I create the life of my dreams’
– Day by day in every way I get better and better’
– Positive thoughts brings me the benefits I desire’
– I integrate trust in every aspect of my life’
– I set goals and I achieve them easily and effortlessly’
– I have all the energy I need to accomplish my goals and to fulfill my desires’
– My mind and emotions are focused and has clarity’
– I make decisions quickly and confidently’

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