I make money with YouTube almost effortlessly now.

However it hasn’t always been that way. I started using YouTube back in 2008 when I came online to market because I didn’t have much money for advertising.

YouTube was free so I said what the heck.

I never really made videos before so I was a little shy.

That shyness turned into an addiction.

Now I’m going 5 years strong and getting better and better each day.

If you really want to “make money with YouTube” that my friend is some of what’s responsible for my success. You have to be consistent, never give up, and focus on getting better and better.

Now in this article I’m going to reveal to you the mystical 5 step process that I use to get people to make a decision and buy stuff from me.

You have to give me you word that you will use this responsibly because it is that powerful.

Do I have your word?

OK good.

Let’s get started.

Make Money With YouTube Principle #1 – Break Attention

This is important because people are generally all over the place on the internet and doing several things. We are fifty gazillion pieces of marketing ads infiltrating our minds daily so if you are not doing something out of the ordinary to capture their attention they will click off your video. And this MUST be done at the very beginning.

Sometimes I may be sipping on some coffee or tea. One time I was sipping on some hot soup. In one video I had tissue hanging out from my nose because I wasn’t feeling well. I know it was out of the norm and if people saw it they’d want to know what was up with me. Many times I state who this video is for and what I’m going to talk about. That works like a charm every time.

Make Money With YouTube Principle #2 – Create Rapport

It may seem difficult to do this but it’s so easy. You create rapport by relating with where they are right now. Many videos that I make are geared towards the network marketing industry. So I tell them I know what it’s like to not sponsor anyone, drive all over town, face rejection, etc. I really reel them in when I tell a story.

Did you catch that?

Tell a story.


Because people can relate to them and it draws them in even more.

Make Money With YouTube Principle #3 – Pacing

You have to learn how to get good at this. It’s part of the story telling as well. You must connect where a person is at and lift them where they want to be. This makes it seem as is if you are one on one with them.

Bring yourself to the lowest point in the group (a point where you hit rock bottom) and lift yourself up through the different groups of people. The reason you want to do this is because they all are on different levels so you don’t want to leave anyone out. It’s all about connecting with everyone.

Make Money With YouTube Principle #4 -Proof

This is not about income here. This is just a way to validate the story that you are telling. Social proof is everything. Many times I will use the story of someone I know that I’m in business with to make my point. Sometimes I’d use a screen shot of their Facebook post or an email I received.

I believe one of the main reasons this is so powerful is because you are helping people to really see that they can do it. And that’s one of two questions that people have in their heads,

Can I do this?

By providing proof of what someone else is doing, not just yourself, you are emphatically telling them yes they can do it. The 2nd question people have leads us to the last point.

Make Money With YouTube Principle #5 – Show Them How

People want to know how does this work (whatever this is that you are promoting). I see this as my call to action. It’s not possible to show someone how everything works for your business in a short 3-6 minute YouTube video.

So I tell people if they want to learn how to apply what I talked about in my video then click the link below which directs them to my website. Surprisingly many individuals that make videos don’t have a call to action.

And it’s no wonder that they are not making money with YouTube. Contrary to popular belief people like to be told what to do in a nice way. So tell them. It’s that easy.

Now that you know my mystical 5 step process on how I make money with YouTube [http://makemoneyonlinebiz.com] by getting people to make a decision and buy, I want to reveal to you my best kept secret that has skyrocketed my success and income over the last 6 months.


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